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Advanced Water Technology

At Enwa, water is our life.

Safe drinking water, clean process water, corrosion prevention and energy efficiency in piping are some of the areas where our knowledge and products are adding value to our customers.

We treat and purify water with a variety of applications. With our application know-how and with our market leading products for land based, maritime and brackish water desalination ,water treatment, filtration systems or our well developed after sales and service, we underline our firm commitment to the water treatment market.

We use only the latest technology in membrane and water treatment and filtration technology combined with our deep know-how based upon years of experience in the market. Our manufacturing sites have the experience, skilled workers and knowledge to optimize and apply the latest but proven technology.

In chemical free water treatment Enwa holds several patented innovation technologies licensed to several other companies.

Flere teknikker for produksjon av drikkevann er tilgjengelig. Vi bruker omvendt osmose for å fjerne salt og mineraler fra sjøvann, brakkvann eller forurenset drikkevann.

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Enwa Pool Technology

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Enwa Water Technology

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+46 31 742 92 50

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